Friday, October 30, 2009

4 Ways You Can Make the Sign Happen

OK, this site is starting to get some great, viral publicity after less than 24 hours.

But realistically we still have a long way to go to make the sign happen. We need about 75% participation from the upper-deck sections to make the sign readable.

That means reaching about 11,000 of the 15,000 people who actually have tickets in the sign sections. And that in turn means reaching several hundred thousand people in the Washington-metro area with this message over the next two weeks.

Here are 4 ways you can help:

  1. Tell everyone you know about the plan and this site, especially Redskins fans, football fans, and Redskins ticket holders. Don't assume other folks have seen it just because you have. Post it to message boards, Facebook, etc. and send it to the media.
  2. If you're actually selling tickets in these sections (as a broker or otherwise) advertise the sign as part of the attraction of these seats and emphasize that simply skipping the game won't hurt Snyder because he's already been paid for this season through season tickets. (If you really want to hurt Snyder this season go to the games and don't spend any money at the stadium.)
  3. Spread the word at the stadium itself before and during the game. Bring copies of the seating charts and pass them around, especially in the sign sections. Many folks who haven't heard about the sign ahead of time will have a shirt, sweatshirt, or jacket of the appropriate color to wear as their outermost layer. Or you may find people with the wrong color for their seat who are willing to swap seats.
  4. Selling cheap, oversized white and burgundy T-shirts around the stadium would seem a great way for some enterprising folks to earn a little extra cash. Depending on location you may have a hard time getting away with this, but if you partner with a local private-property owner near the stadium (perhaps a store or restaurant owner) this could work. Having a copy of the seating charts handy couldn't hurt either.

BONUS: Out-of-town fans can bring signs to away games publicizing the FedEx sign! We'll be at the Atlanta game on Nov. 8th. See if you can spot us on TV!


  1. You need a positive sign on one side & HEIL SNYDER!!! on the other, like LET's GO CAPS! After all, he's turned into a free speech dictator and promoting the CAPS will hit him in his marketing gut & wallet!
    Just use RED / WHITE for HEIL SNYDER & flipside use BLUE / WHITE for LETS GO CAPS thus thematically using symbolic colors in our RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH.

    Remember no one can fire the idiot realistically. Just stop buying from any vendor that sells Redskin licensed items or anything inside the stadium! The greedy bastard only knows how to speak "money". He'll never change and he won't ever be in a position to leave since he wants to grow up to be George Steinbrenner!!! He loves that EVERYONE HATES HIM !!! Just make him poor and he will go away!!!

  2. Good Idea... I took a sign to the CAPS game and they did not take it...


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