Sunday, November 15, 2009

Snyder Surrenders, Sign Canceled

If you watched the game today you may be wondering why you didn't see the Fire Snyder Sign on TV. The truth is that, faced with the prospect of humiliation on national television, Daniel Snyder surrendered early this morning and revoked the FedEx Field sign ban.

As a reciprocal gesture of good will we quickly sent word to our legions of supporters that the the Fire Snyder Sign was off for this week. However, this blog will remain primed and ready in the event that Snyder's ego again advances to stage 3 Napoleonitis!

Finally, we offer our hearty congratulations to the coaches and players for upsetting Denver today! Go 'Skins!


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  1. oh danny...


    at least the skins won - played an incredible game. betts rocked the field! and the team just looked together. now, just give zman his play calling back and we'll be back to normal...

  2. Or you just couldn't get it together...


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