Thursday, November 5, 2009

What Exactly is the Point Again?

Fire Snyder Sign has been discussed and linked several times from the very active Extreme Skins forums. I popped over to check out the conversation today and was surprised to find this closed thread where a couple of senior forum members have already given up on the sign and were shutting down further conversation. Here's ttr77:

Yeah this was discussed pretty thoroughly a couple of days ago, and the general consensus is that there is no way to get the participation level required to make such a sign. Also, the seats in the upper deck could be 30% empty.

It seems the hot topics now are whether to stage a game "walkout" or deluge the local media with turned in "fan cards". Please.

Let's return to first principles: What exactly are we trying to accomplish here? Will fan protests make the team better? Will they change Daniel Snyder's personality? Make him a better owner? No, no, no, and no.

There's really no point to all this except to have a little fun in the midst of a woeful season and prick Snyder's demonstrably thin-skinned ego where it hurts. And that requires a protest with obvious (and news-making) visual impact.

Mailing cards and staging walkouts are too much work. People talk and talk but how many will actually waste a stamp (I believe the count is 12, so far, according to one local TV station). How many will waste time driving to a game they won't watch?

Even when these protests "succeed" they fail! They won't be noticed or reported beyond the local sports media. I mean, as far as TV coverage goes, how does a walkout look any different than your standard half-time beer and bathroom break? (Besides the fact that more people will leave to buy beer--in the bathroom?)

The stadium sign, on the other hand, has mega-visual impact and will be covered nationally. Heck, it's  already been covered by multiple, national media outlets plus dozens of bloggers and sports message boards.  I rolled out the plan just one week ago and this blog has already been visited 30,000 times! People are emailing with offers to help and even planning to move from other parts of the stadium to participate!

The sign captures people's imagination. It's fun and funny. It's big.  It strikes directly and viscerally at Snyder's latest offense against 'Skins Fandom--banning signs and then having the audacity to dispatch his lying minions on the most transparently false PR tour since Baghdad Bob's. Participation takes zero effort--just come to the game with clothes on and sit in your seat!

Don't give up yet Extreme Skins! There's still plenty of time to get the word out and make this work!

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  1. Snyder's the owner - he's not going to fire himself. It should say Fire Vinny - it's what really needs to happen anyway. Also for the many posters who continue to say don't buy tickets - that will do no good. Games are already sellouts, so all tickets have been paid for and $$ in Danny's wallet. However, those going to the game should buy NO concessions at all!! Eat and drink all you want before going into the stadium! A mass walkout into the concourse area early 2nd quarter would be a good statement to make as well and would be talked about on TV.


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